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CHS, circular hollow section steel
Slings of CHS steel in storage racks


CHS steel tubes are high-strength, cold formed hollow sections, coated with a mineral-based finish that is easily removed by an alkali solution or kerosene.

Unless used for benign corrosion environments, the coating will need to be removed for further priming and top coating. Black CHS steel can be fabricated using normal workshop techniques. Standard pre-treatment processes will easily prepare the product prior to galvanizing.

Typical Uses

  • Agriculture engineering
  • Construction manufacturing
  • Mining investment
  • Non-residential construction
  • Residential construction
  • Transport and storage
CHS Pipe AS1074
Item NameWall/MMPackBlack KG/MGalv KG/M
10nb Med Pipe2.33000.830.88
15nb Lgt Pipe22170.951.01
15nb Med Pipe2.62171.21.22
20nb Xlgt Pipe21271.231.28
20nb Lgt Pipe2.31271.41.44
20nb Med Pipe2.61271.561.6
20nb Hvy Pipe3.21271.871.92
25nb Xlgt Pipe2911.561.63
25nb Lgt Pipe2.6911.992.05
25nb Med Pipe3.2912.412.46
25nb Hvy Pipe4912.932.99
25nb Xhvy Pipe4.5913.24
32nb XLgt Pipe2611.992.07
32nb Lgt Pipe2.6612.552.63
32nb Med Pipe3.2613.093.17
32nb Hvy Pipe4613.83.86
32nb Xhvy Pipe4.9614.53
40nb Xlgt Pipe2.3612.612.7
40nb Lgt Pipe2.9613.253.33
40nb Med Pipe3.2613.563.64
40nb Hvy Pipe4614.374.45
40nb Xhvy Pipe5.4615.71
50nb Xlgt Pipe2.3373.293.4
50nb Lgt Pipe2.9374.114.21
50nb Med Pipe3.6375.035.14
50nb Hvy Pipe4.5376.196.3
50nb Xhvy Pipe5.4377.31
65nb Xlgt Pipe2.3374.194.32
65nb Lgt Pipe3.2375.755.89
65nb Med Pipe3.6376.446.57
65nb Hvy Pipe4.5377.958.08
80nb Xlgt Pipe2.6195.535.7
80nb Lgt Pipe3.2196.766.93
80nb Med Pipe4198.388.54
80nb Hvy Pipe51910.310.6
90nb Xlgt Pipe2.6196.356.53
90nb Lgt Pipe3.2197.777.95
90nb Med Pipe4199.639.81
90nb Hvy Pipe51911.912.2
100nb Xlgt Pipe3.2198.778.98
100nb Lgt Pipe3.6199.8310
100nb Med Pipe4.51912.212.4
100nb Hvy Pipe5.41914.514.7
125nb Xlgt Pipe31310.110.4
125nb Lgt Pipe3.51311.812
125nb Med Pipe51316.616.9
125nb Hvy Pipe5.41317.918.1
150nb Xlgt Pipe3101212.3
150nb Lgt Pipe3.51013.914.3
150nb Med Pipe51019.720
150nb Hvy Pipe5.41021.321.6

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